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Female Superiority

Monday, June 29th, 2009


It seems that Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s children, has announced to the world that Michael was not the father her children.  This wasn’t leaked to the tabloid press by someone else, she told them.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald,

Rowe reportedly then gave away her parental rights to the children in exchange for a $US8.4million payout over nine years.

She apparently went on to say,

“I was no good. I don’t want these children in my life. My children are my animals now.”

So… the man they’ve known as their father is dead.  Their mother publicly states she doesn’t want them and that she gave them away for millions of dollars.  Then she announces their father wasn’t really their father.

As I was thinking about how devastated these children must already feel and how much worse it will be because of her heartless statements, I recalled comments I had read in the past made by Elise Sutton on the subject of female superiority:

“I feel that I am a bit of an expert based on my years of study, observation and participation.”

“Once I learned about the natures of both men and women and once I learned about the natural dominance and supremacy of women over men..”

“The truth is that women are the superior gender and that once a woman unleashes her dominant power, no man will be able to stand up to her.”

Umm.. yeah.  Ok.

I don’t think so.

To say women are superior to men makes as much sense to me as the long held belief by many that men are superior to women.  There are plenty of people of both genders who prove this wrong. There are some things *individuals” do better than others, but I think it’s devaluing to people to say that everyone of a certain gender is better than they are.

I’m not in control because I am superior to him.  I am in control because he chooses to surrender and I choose to take control.

(Note: The link between Rowe and Sutton’s comments is strictly mine. My mind often goes to the Female/Male Superiority issue whenever I read about people who completely disprove the theory.)

Interview Me(me) Responses To Nick’s Questions

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Nick asked:

1. Do you consider yourself a happy person?

Yes.  I’ve experienced some difficult times in the past year so at the moment maybe not so much, however, I would say I’m generally a quite happy person.  Happiness is sort of a habit in many ways, sometimes so much so that I forget I’m sad.  (Now, don’t try to figure that out, I know it makes no sense.)  Life is good and I’ve been blessed with a great family and many friends.

2. Would you ever consider dating a dominant man?

I can’t see too many totally dominant men being willing to submit, can you?  If you mean dominant as in generally in charge of their own day-to-day activities – sure.  Most of the men I am close to are like that.  If you mean immune to my persuasiveness or someone who would attempt to dominate me, no.  I wouldn’t say I’d never “submit” to someone sexually but I don’t think anyone really serious about domination would consider it submission as I have far too many “I won’t do that” restrictions, too many “I will only do it this way” restrictions, etc.  It’s not really submissiveness if I tell someone step by step how to do it, is it? :)

3. Do you see women as superior to men? If you don’t do you consider yourself superior to the men you date?

Absolutely not to both questions.  We may have different roles, different skills, different strengths but I am not superior nor are they.  We’re just different.  If I honestly thought I was superior to someone, I could *never* date them.  Why would I want to?

4.  Would you ever place a personals ad? Would you ever respond to one?

I won’t say I would never do this because I’m not opposed to it.  It’s just that I’m very fortunate; I’ve never been in a position where I had to go looking for someone.  It’s easy for me to meet people because I’m not shy and I like to talk :)